by Diego Lerman


series: 13x48’

Spanish with English subtitles



An exceptional home on the Tigris delta is the common theme in this series directed by Diego Lerman (Tan de Repente, L’OEil invisible) that offers thirteen different stories unfolding from the beginning of the 20th century until 2026. Each episode plunges the viewer into the heart of a different decade while introducing new characters, battling with the ideological, social and political references of their time.


13. Virus

A strange virus is spreading. Since the state of emergency was decreed in the country, a young couple comes to the house to take shelter. The woman is pregnant with her first child and paranoid about the contagion. As soon as the couple settles, her sitster arrives and a love affair takes place… The apocalyptic and betrayal atmosphere couldn’t be edgier… when the last occupant arrives: the mother of the two, who starts to show weird health symptoms.